For its eleventh edition, Dodho Magazine is looking for 6 photographers worldwide to be presented in its new print edition. All you must do is complete the registration form and upload your project or images

Send your most amazing images and projects and be part of this new edition that will be presented next March. Keep reading to get a clearer idea about the benefits the publication of your work can bring you in our print edition.

A meticulous print edition

The first question that came to our mind when designing this project seemed us was logical: Why launch a magazine in print format in these purely digital times? From Dodho we wanted to develop a tool that would promote the most talented photographers staying away from the fleeting success social networks provide; far from counting the likes and followers. We believe that a professional photographer trajectory who aspires to the recognition of his work must be based on something substantial, lasting and allowing him/her to grow in the right direction.

From our first edition launched in September 2015, our print edition has become a bridge bounding talented photographers with experts in the photographic industry. Among our pages, we have had the luck and honour of publishing photographers such as Julia Fullerton Batten, Maria Svarbova, Laurent Baheux, Michiko Chiyoda, Larry Louie, Gili Yaari, Thomas Alleman, Sandro Giordano, Stefanie Minzenmay. All of them are just a small example of the more than fifty (50) amazing photographers presented in Dodho Magazine to date.

An authentic promotional tool

Our mission focuses on discovering the best talent, promoting and disseminating it. Still, the question is obvious, how to encourage a magnificent project in a world full of incredible photographers, all of them struggling to find the best path leading them to the recognition of their work? Our answer to this question was the creation of a unique format, of a new promotion tool, in printed format, that was real, authentic, with a very defined style, giving full on the target and that could be presented and distributed in the major galleries, agencies, and festivals, around the world.

You must understand that if you pursue a greater recognition of your work, you simply have to go out for it and definitely leave your comfort zone.

Building up your opportunities

New technologies offer the chance to show your work to the world like never before anyone had the opportunity to have it. But at the same time getting our work to reach the right hands and become something productive is increasingly difficult. The accumulation of followers and likes towards our work allows us not to think about the few real chances of success offered by some platforms. Getting the visibility that our website deserves is also a complicated and slow task. The print edition of Dodo Magazine creates new opportunities for your work, focusing and showing it to the right people and in the right places in record time. Just start now creating new opportunities for your work, unique circumstances that build direct paths to your goal.

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Publication and promotion

The Malta International Photo Award is back with its Spring 2019 Edition, featuring 3 new categories, €27,000 Total Cash Prize, and more!